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Eco Toys Wishlist / Gift Registry

Create an Eco Toys wishlist and encourage people to make healthier choices for your child and our planet and avoid receiving those unwanted plastic gifts.

It's quick and easy to use!

  1. Register
  2. Add Products
  3. Send to friends or family


What is a wishlist?

A wishlist works like an online gift registry. You can send it to family members and friends and use it as a shopping list to keep track of the toys you would like to buy.

You can create a wishlist list for your child's Birthday, Christmas presents,
Baby Shower / Blessingway, Christening, Naming ceremony, Easter or just as your very own shopping list.


Benefits of creating a wishlist?

  1. A wishlist makes it easy for your family members and friends to choose the right gift for your child.
  2. Your family & friends can make purchases from the wishlist any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. The gifts can be delivered straight to your door.


To create a wishlist, please click here


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