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Green Hat Workshop 100  Planks Childrens & Babies Toys
Green Hat Workshop 100  Planks Green Hat Workshop 100  Planks Toys
Green Hat Workshop 100  Planks Buy Green Hat Workshop 100  Planks Toys
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Green Hat Workshop 100 Planks

These dynamic set of 100 building blocks will inspire many hours of creativity and building for kids of all ages.

$59.95 (AUD)

(sold out)

100 PLANKS are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box which doubles as convenient storage for your PLANKS.

Planks use only gravity and friction to create a wide range of structures.

They are precisely cut from sustainably farmed pine, are identical in shape and size and long enough to counter balance.

They are also thin enough to stack, heavy enough to weigh structures down and keep them
together and cut so exactly that they can stand on end.

PLANKS are both playful and educational, allowing children to experience and negotiate a wide range of important and exciting social skills; encouraging them to
understand and explore the ideas and processes of mathematics and science in a creative way.

PLANKS are a hard-wearing addition to a family's legacy toy collection, with no small parts or glue required they are safe for everyone.

Each box includes a builders'
booklet which will keep creativity flowing for generations.

Comes in a sturdy box for storage.

Size: 11.3cm x 2.4cm x .8cm (thick)

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