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Wooden Toys

Why Choose Natural, Wooden Toys?
Environmental Benefits:

At Eco Toys we care about the environment and about the safety of your children. We believe that toys should be safe for kids to play with and also good for our planet. We only choose quality crafted wooden toys that are made from natural, biodegradable, recyclable, and/or recycled materials.

Our environmentally friendly toys are all made of sustainable wood, and certified organic and natural fibres such as wool and cotton.

The majority of our wooden toys are made from plantation timber of recycled rubber trees. Old plantation rubber trees are cleared to grow the new ones and rubber wood perishes easily when discarded therefore helping to protect the environment. Plantation rubberwood trees give our toys the natural beauty of wood patterns, while leaving unharmed natural forests.

Our beautiful wooden rattles are handmade from remnant woods so no living trees are cut to make them. Wooden toys are durable so they last longer than plastic toys and therefore there is less waste.

By giving a child a wooden toy you are not contributing to the environmental damage associated with the making of plastics, thereby also protecting the child's future.

Developmental Benefits:

Modern high tech toys are designed to amuse and distract children and are often noisy and over stimulating. Wooden toys tend to inspire creative and imaginative play in children. They allow children to engage in meaningful play, developing cognitive and problem-solving skills that they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. The natural textures of wooden toys stimulate the child's senses as they invite children to touch, feel and explore.

Educational wooden toys are an important tool in children's development. Many educational wooden toys build critical lateral thinking and problem solving skills and help build fine motor skills.

The environment of a child with natural toys is quiet, calm and more beautiful than in a room with battery-operated plastic toys.

Safety, Health Benefits::

Wooden toys are much safer all-natural alternative to plastic toys as they do not contain high levels of chemicals and toxins. This is particularly important with babies who tend to put everything into their mouths.

Traditional toys are made of natural materials, so they are built by artisans and craftsmen, not toxic plastic factories. Wooden toys don't need batteries, electricity, or software patches so they are kind to our planet.

Our wooden toys are made with non-toxic paints and finishes, natural oils, or beeswax.

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