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About Us

Hello and welcome to Eco Toys! My name is Melinda and I’m a mum to three gorgeous children aged 2, 3 & 8 years and the owner and founder of Eco Toys Pty Ltd.

I believe we all have choices and with that choice we have a voice to make positive changes so that our world (and beautiful planet) is a better place to live in.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was over the moon and it wasn’t long after that that my life completely changed. I had a precious new life growing inside of me and with that responsibility I started to question things. What ingredients were in the products I used?  What effect would it have on my baby? So I embarked on a tremendously eye opening and forever changing journey of self-discovery towards a more healthier, more natural and chemical free lifestyle.
Then when my daughter was 9 months old it was her first Christmas and all of a sudden I once again found myself questioning my beliefs. I remember looking down at my precious little girl surrounded by plastic, noisy, toxic junk and instead of feeling the joy that every mother should, I felt sad. Sad that my daughter was surrounded by this artificial, chemically made ‘entertainment’ that will end up in landfill.  

So I started doing my own research on plastic toys. Where did they come from? Where were they made? Who made them? And most importantly, with what materials?

I was absolutely horrified at what I found out. Plastic toys are made in factories in China using chemicals such as BPA, Phlatates and PVC that has been linked to health problems, including cancer, endocrine disruption, development delays, and reproductive system damage.  It was at that moment that I decided that my daughter deserved better and that I was going to be her voice. So I started searching for something beautiful, natural and non-toxic for her to play with.

That is where my desire to find quality wooden toys that were made from sustainable materials became a dream, a dream to be able to offer them to other parents, like you who were also looking for safe, non-toxic eco friendly toys for their children.

Eco Toys is proud to be the first Toy Store in Australia to sell 100% environmentally friendly toys. And we have spent over seven years researching, learning, travelling and sourcing the best eco toys around the world for you! In fact Eco Toys is still the only toy store in Australia to have a 100% commitment to the planet and to the safety of your children.

Here’s our guarantee:
1.    ALL of our toys are made from certified organic, natural, recycled and sustainable (FSC, rubberwood, beech or birch) materials and non-toxic finishes, dyes, lacquers and paints. We also support manufacturers who use recycled packaging & eco based inks as we do so ourselves.
2.    We support local designers, handmade toys and ethical manufacturers. In fact we are proud that many of our toys are owned by wonderful Australian companies.

Each and every single toy and brand has been carefully selected and thoroughly researched by me. Our toys meet the highest international standards for safety, we offer customised one on one service and the knowledge that comes with 7 years of experience of being in business.

I invite you to browse through our wonderful little toy store as I am sure you will find something beautiful and unique for your child that will delight their senses, ignite their imagination and encourage their creativity! Our toys are the toys of the future as they last a lifetime with little or no impact on the environment.
                                                                                      Melinda & the Eco Toys team x


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