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How To Pick The Right Dog Bed For Your Dog

A dog bed is such a vital accessory to keep your pet comfortable and uninjured. In this article, we shall have an overview of where to buy dog beds in Australia.

1. roverpetproducts.com.au.

Rover pet products believe that your dog’s sleep is the most critical part of its health and well-being. They are the leading sellers of non-toxic therapeutic beds in Australia. Their range of products is both for use indoors and outdoors. They are located in the Hunter Valley NSW.

2. pawpedics.com.au.

They sell a wide range of dog bed sizes. Their beds are multi-layered with the first layer made to allow ventilation of air, while the second layer is made of cooling gel which is vital in helping your dog relax and also helps regulate the temperatures and finally the third layer made from natural latex and helpful in odour-neutralizing. They are based in Gold Coast & very well known for their large dog beds.

3. worldforpets.com.au.

They stock dog beds and a wide range of other dog and pet accessories. They are among the largest sellers of pet stuff in Australia. They are located in springwood.

4. luckypet.com.au.

They are independent stockists of dog beds and assorted pet stuff. They have an after pay plan.

5. petbarn.com.au.

They sell dog beds and a wide range of pet accessories. They have shops all across Australia and have prospects of opening up even more stores.

6. mydeal.com.au.

My deal is an Australian retail marketplace. They stock dog beds too. Their customer care centre is based in Melbourne.

7. snooza.com.au.

They have been in the industry for the past 30 years. They are based in the suburbs of Melbourne. They stock dog beds and a wide range of pet accessories.

8. mypetwarehouse.com.au.

They stock pet accessories and pet food. They have stores in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and three others in Brisbane. They have been in business since the year 2009. They stock dog beds too.

9. baileysbeds.com.au.

Bailey’s beds have been in business since 2017. They sell customized dog beds according to your desired style. Their head offices are in Unit 54 6-8 Herbert Street, St Leonard’s, NSW 2065.

10. weatherbeetadog.com.au.

Weatherbeeta has been in the industry for the past 35 years, dealing with a wide range of high quality pet accessories. Pop in for your desired dog bed. They have stores all across Victoria State.

Indeed, we cannot overstress on the essence of a bed dog ranging from keeping your canine comfortable, warm and protected against physical injury and stress. Be sure to do thorough research before getting a dog bed. Ask around from family and friends or check from the internet. Be sure to go for a bed size that will fit your dog. All the best, and good luck!